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TM Spring Shotgun M3 SUPER 90, 3 Shots - Black

Tokyo Marui spring-powered shotgun Benelli M3 S90.

Precise, reliable, and legendary.

Shotgun with excellent performance up to 90 m/s and iconic design.

Shoots 3 BBs at once, package includes 1 magazine for 30 BBs (10 shots).

Shotgun features fixed hop-up for 0.20 - 0.23 g pellets!

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: Tokyo Marui

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Reliable manual shotgun (spring-powered) from renowned brand Tokyo Marui. This company needs no introduction, as one of the leading companies in the airsoft replica industry, they have already firmly established their reputation.
Their quality control is among the strictest in the airsoft industry, so you can expect top-notch construction and impeccable processing of both external and internal parts.

The M3 SUPER 90 shotgun from Tokyo Marui is one of the first models to allow shooting with three pellets simultaneously and also features a hop-up system that ensures greater range and accuracy at longer distances.
This makes this shotgun a great tool for lovers of fast action, especially in close quarters (CQB).
While the shotgun is polymer, it is reinforced polymer, making it lightweight yet durable.
When feeding this shotgun, keep in mind that it uses special magazines.
The package includes only 1 magazine, so we recommend having at least 4 spare ones, ideally 8.
One magazine holds 30 BBs
, but considering that the shotgun fires 3 pellets at once, you can expect 10 shots per magazine.
The shotgun is also compatible with magazines from other brands (ASG, etc.)

Manual weapons from Tokyo Marui have gained great popularity thanks to flawless craftsmanship, long lifespan, and unrivaled shooting properties.
Due to the absence of gas or electric propulsion, manual weapons from Tokyo Marui are virtually maintenance-free, making them suitable as the first airsoft weapon for novice players who want to learn the basic principles of airsoft and weapon handling safety.

Cocking (loading) the shotgun requires the use of adequate force!

Technical Specifications:

  • Power: 85 - 90 m/s
  • Material: Polymer
  • Suitable BBs weight: 0.20-0.23g
  • Type and magazine capacity: Spring magazine for 30 BBs
  • Hop-up: Yes, fixed
  • Propulsion: Manual (spring)
  • Fire modes: Safe - single (3 BBs at once)

Package includes:

  • M3 SUPER 90 shotgun
  • 1 magazine
  • Adapter for mounting the shotgun on a rifle
  • Speed loader
  • Manual
  • Barrel cleaner
Muzzle velocity (m/s)85 (m/s)
Recommended weight of ammunition0,20g - 0,23g
Length1040 (mm)
Inner barrel length (mm)363 (mm)
Weight (g)2200 (g)
Body/receiver materialABS / Plastic
Magazine materialPlastic
High-cap / Mid-capMid-cap
Magazine capacity30