EPeS Spare O-ring set for 40mm Gas grenades

O-ring set for 40mm GAS grenade View larger

When it blows where it shouldn't, it's always a problem!

EPeS has prepared a set of sealing o-rings precisely customized for repairing or replacing the existing seal.

In this case, it's the Spare Sealing Set for airsoft 40mm gas grenades.

No Stress, be EPeS!

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: EPeS

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Choosing the right size and thickness of the seal can be a challenge, as a small seal won't seal properly, and one that's too thick won't fit.

EPeS makes your life easier again by preparing various variants of high-quality sealing o-ring sets for specific parts you need to reseal in AEG, GBB, and HPA.

For installation, it's necessary to remove the original seal, then lubricate the new one with silicone oil/vaseline and install it in place instead of the original seal.

Now the air (or gas) will stay where it's supposed to!