Setting of non-warranty service orders in now stopped until 31th of August.

  • we offer warranty and non-warranty repairs of all types of airsoft guns (spring action, gas operated, AEGs)
  • airsoft guns upgrades, we will help you to choose the propper parts configuration
  • custom airsoft parts fabrication, conversion kits etc., including machinery fabricaton on a lathe or mill
  • we use MIG/MAG (GMAW) and TIG/WIG (GTAW) welding technologies, we are able to weld materials such as stainless and carbon steel, aluminium of all grades. In most cases (depends on current item’s alloy) we are able to repair cracked or broken metal bodies, CNC milled gearboxes and other parts. We offer complete restoration including new surface paint
  • we offer custom coating-we use high quality ultra-matt 2K paints and airbrush technology for freehand or stencil camouflage,further aging and patina for old look, custom refinishing of stocks and other wooden parts. Or workshop cooperates with film props crews on gun customization
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