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How do I get my HPA bottle filled?

Bring the bottle clean and cold (preferably chilled from the fridge) - the bottle is pressurised with warm air and the bottle does not fill as well when it is warm as when it is cold.

  • We fill both at 200bar / 3000psi (aluminium bottles) and at 300bar / 4500psi (composite bottles, so called "Carbon")
  • For safety reasons we cannot send filled bottles by any courier service! Can only be picked up in person.

Which bottles do we not fill?

  • Non-certified bottles and diving bottles.
  • Bottles with expired pressure (hydro) test.
  • Bottles that are damaged in any way (we reserve the right to assess the condition of the bottle before filling).

What is a hydrotest and how do I know if it is valid?

  • Every new bottle, has a valid hydrotest for 5 years from the date of manufacture.
  • The date of manufacture is always indicated on the bottle.
  • The HPA hydrotest of an expired bottle is renewable by performing a pressure test (not performed by us).
  • CAUTION: Composite bottles (sometimes aluminum) may have a specified life from the manufacturer (stated on the bottle as Final Date)


The price of filling one HPA bottle is 50 CZK. When buying over 1000 CZK (or when picking up an order), the filling of one HPA bottle is free.

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