Airsoft events organizators and playground organizators

Anareus CZ is partner of many airsoft actions (Operation Lizzard, Operation Protector, Operation Kandahar, Bloody Sunrise, etc.) by AIRSOFTWARS, Blue Valley series by MFC, Operation Taskhent and Operation Inferno by AMRUS association.

We are pleased to see the trend of airsoft events on legal grounds and the growth of airsoft playgrounds in recent years. Therefore, we have decided to support these activities in full.

Write us a short story about the history of your airsoft playground, how many participants you have at an events on average, how many members your organization team has, how many events you have per year and what topics in general. Further contact information to the main organizer, billing information (to the organization / main organizer, address, email, phone).

What we offer?

  • For the organizator team the opportunity to shop in our shop at discounted prices
  • Package of discount vouchers to be used as prizes in competitions or draws between participants at your actions.
  • A box of Guarder BBs from weight 0.20g to 0.28g of your choice for each year of cooperation.
  • Promotion on our Facebook, Instagram, MeWe
  • Providing of promotional stuff (patches, caps, etc.)

What do we require?

  • Promotion on your site (if you have one)
  • Promotion on your Facebook page (page, event, photo caption, photo tagging, hashtag, video mention, etc.).
  • Promotion on your Instagram (photos, tagging in the description, tagging in the photo, hashtag, mention in the video, etc ...).
  • Promotion at your event / at your playground (we will deliver promotional material - posters, banners, etc.). Promotion must be placed at the event registration or other similar location where all participants must be present.

Are you interested in our offer? If Yes, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will arrange all the details together.

Want more? Do not hesitate to contact us and offer us an exclusive cooperation, in return we will try to devise exclusive custom sponsoring :-)

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