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Loyalty points

By purchasing products on our e-shop www.anareus.cz you collect loyalty points, which can then be exchanged for a gift voucher equal to the number of loyalty points.
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How does it all work?

The details of each product covered by the promotion will tell you how many loyalty points you will earn by purchasing that product. The loyalty points are credited to your customer account. You can find an overview of the loyalty points earned for orders and the option to convert loyalty points to vouchers under your customer account under "MY LOYALTY POINTS". You can then redeem the voucher on any other purchase with us in your basket by entering the code in the "Discount code" field.


One loyalty point equals 1 CZK voucher. If you have earned, for example, 500 loyalty points for a purchase, you can then exchange them for a voucher worth CZK 500 for your next purchase. The exact amnout of the loyalty points can be see at the detail of the product or at you basket before confirming your order. At the same time, the minimum value of a loyalty points account that can be exchanged for a voucher is 100. Less than 100 loyalty points cannot be exchanged. The validity of loyalty points is limited to 1 year.

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