Gas Bernzomatic MAP / PRO (Propylen), 400g, US thread

Gas Bernzomatic MAP / PRO (Propylen), 400g, US screw View larger

Gas Bernzomatic MAP / PRO (Propylen)

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: Bernzomatic

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MAP/Pro Propylen 399,7 g (14,1 oz.), 75 x 270 mm,  CGA 600 with 1"-UNEF 20T/P

MAP/Pro - 2,1 - 3,5 kW.

- The bottles may show signs of usage, as they are refillable bottles imported from the USA.
- Gas bottle can not be refilled, according to our information, in Czech Republic.

- Gas under pressure – do not expose to heat or direct sun shine!
- Extremely flammable!
- Use only outside or in well ventilated areas. Do not inhale the gas!
- Bernzomatic gas can not be used in Japanese made guns (Marui, WE, KSC, Maruzen, Marushin, Tanaka,…).