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WE GBB Pistol M92 - Black

WE is one of the best-selling brands of gas airsoft guns.

The WE GBB gas pistol Beretta M92 comes in black.

This pistol offers a strong blowbackmetal slidereliability and a functional slide stop.

Excellent performance out of the box and available upgrade parts!

WE Tactical Training International

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: WE

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Gas Guns from WE

WE gas pistols (GBB) and gas rifles (GBBR) with blowback (recoil operation) are a popular choice for players seeking the most realistic shooting experience, while also preferring durable metal gun bodies. Among the most popular models are replicas of Glock pistols (R17 and similar), Hi-Capa, and long guns like the AR15 (M4, Model 416). WE guns offer not only great quality but also outstanding performance.

M92/M9 Pistols and Their Variants

The M92, also known as the Beretta 92, is an Italian semi-automatic pistol manufactured by Beretta. The first models were introduced to the market in 1976. The pistol quickly gained popularity due to its reliability, ergonomics, and high magazine capacity. Its design is based on the Beretta M1951 and Walther P38. The M92 was widely adopted by military and police forces around the world. In 1985, it was accepted as the standard service weapon of the United States Armed Forces under the designation M9. Among its characteristic features are the open slide, which reduces the likelihood of jamming, and the ambidextrous safety. The M92 pistol has become an iconic weapon not only in military and police settings but also in pop culture, frequently appearing in movies and video games. Its modernized versions, such as the M92FS, are still in use.

What Does the WE GBB Gas Pistol M92 Offer?

With the GBB pistol WE M92, you will experience the authentic shooting feel, providing a more realistic and engaging airsoft experience. Thanks to precise manufacturing and innovative design, this gun is an excellent choice for any passionate airsoft player. The pistol replica is crafted as accurately as possible to its real-life counterpart, and inside you'll find fine-tuned internal parts for excellent performance and reliability without the need for immediate investment in upgrade parts. WE GBB gas pistols boast great ergonomics, offering shooters a comfortable grip. All external parts are excellently crafted for comfortable and intuitive handling, ready for intense use. Therefore, WE gas guns can rightfully be considered some of the most widespread and popular among beginners, casual recreational shooters, and advanced hardcore players who fine-tune their replicas to perfection. WE GBB pistols with metal slides are suitable for medium-strength gases; we recommend using Green Gas.

Key Features of the Pistol:

  • Durable metal slide
  • Magazine for 25 BBs
  • Single shooting mode
  • Reliability of internal parts
  • Excellent craftsmanship of external parts
  • Comfortable grip
  • Strong blowback
  • Designed for medium-strength gases (Green Gas)
  • Availability of upgrade parts (e.g., Maple Leaf)

Package Contents:

  • WE GBB pistol
  • Gas magazine
  • Manual
Muzzle velocity (m/s)95 (m/s)
Recommended weight of ammunition0,28g - 0,32g
Length215 (mm)
Inner barrel length (mm)115 (mm)
Weight (g)1040 (g)
Body/receiver materialMetal
Hop-Up chamber materialMetal
Magazine materialMetal
High-cap / Mid-capMid-cap
Magazine capacity25