GATE CNC Mechabox EON V2 - Silver

GATE CNC Mechabox EON V2 made from 7075 T6 aluminum with military tensile strength of 570 MPa ensures extreme durability and limitless upgrades.

With a lifetime warranty for GATE ETU users, quick spring change, and other innovations like inspection windows for AOE and motor pressure, it's the best you can give to your weapon.

Compatible with most bodies on the market and VFC dual selectors.

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    GATE CNC Mechabox EON V2 made from 7075 T6 aluminum with military tensile strength of 570 MPa ensures extreme durability and limitless upgrades. With a lifetime warranty for GATE ETU users, quick spring change, and other innovations like inspection windows for AOE and motor pressure, it's the best you can give to your weapon. Compatible with most bodies...

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The new addition to the GATE upgrade parts family. Quality CNC Mechabox for most bodies on the market with the latest enhancements.
It also includes a code that provides you with a free 1-level-up firmware upgrade for TITAN or ASTER processors.

The CNC-machined Mechabox is manufactured directly in the GATE factory from 7075 T6 aluminum with a military tensile strength of 570 MPa, allowing for extreme stress.
The entire Mechabox has undergone rigorous quality control. On the Mechabox itself, you'll find several very useful features, such as cutouts for checking AOE (the angle at which the gear starts pulling the piston) or for perfect adjustment of motor pressure. There's also a cutout in the piston area, allowing you to easily verify the piston's position and whether its pre-tension is good.
The skeleton is completely made on precision CNC machines, and radii at the head of the cylinder or quick spring change are a matter of course.

Why does the GATE CNC Mechabox EON beat the competition?

  • Lifetime warranty for GATE ETU users
  • Extreme durability thanks to the highest cross-sectional dimensions on the market at critical points
  • Inspection windows for precise adjustment of pre-cocking, motor pressure, and AOE piston
  • Quick spring change with simple tools like an Allen key or flat screwdriver
  • Minimized stress during cycles thanks to enlarged radii in the cylinder window
  • No risk of wire damage by the motor gear
  • Easy anti-reversal latch release
  • Ready for 8mm bearings
  • Compatible with the Specna Arms ESA-2 quick spring change system
  • Compatible with most standard V2 internal parts
  • Compatible with most bodies on the market
  • Compatible with VFC dual selectors

The EON Gearbox is the core of the series of internal parts for professional use from GATE.
Thanks to a number of modifications, it meets the expectations of airsoft technicians and users alike. The CNC Mechabox EON significantly extends the lifespan of your replica regardless of how extreme an upgrade you're planning and ensures full compatibility with the GATE ecosystem.

The package includes:

  • CNC skeleton of the EON Mechabox
  • Set of screws
  • QSC spring guide
  • Code for a free 1-level-up firmware upgrade for TITAN or ASTER

Warning - do not use cylinder heads with a rubber bumper on the front (MAXX, FPS). This may cause permanent damage to the cylinder head pins, which is not covered by the warranty.
This rubber bumper can be removed from the cylinder head and optionally used as a pad under the cylinder head.

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    : EPeS


    Revolutionary upgrade part for AEG weapons by EPeS! CNC metal cylinder head MK.II for gearboxes V2/3 in the standard length for nozzles 20 - 24 mm.  The cylinder head has retention notches to limit play at the front of the gearbox, helping to solve feeding problems. Version without impact rubber designed for adding Sorbopad!

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    The processor unit GATE TITAN Bluetooth® Expert V2 is a perfect upgrade for weapons like M4, HK416, and others with mechabox V2. TITAN will improve rate of fire and trigger response, offering precise customization options, including 2-99 round bursts, binary triggers, and piston pre-cocking. All easily adjustable and controllable through mobile...

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