MAXX CNC Aluminum Hop-up Chamber M4G (AEG M4/16) - Black

CNC Aluminum Hop-up Chamber M4G from MAXX Model uses a GBB / VSR bucking and a GBB inner barrel, ensuring sniper-level accuracy and consistency.

It is compatible with TM and VFC AEG and HPA replicas.

Offers fine hop-up adjustment, a replaceable nub, and a BB retention system.

Designed for Maple Leaf Wonder, Super, and MrHop GBB buckings.

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The new MAXX chamber features the letter G, which stands for GAS, indicating a unique hybrid design where the chamber of electric AEG guns (and HPA systems including MTW) uses a GBB/VSR bucking and GBB inner barrel, considered by some to be more accurate and suitable for heavier BBs.

The chamber is optimized for use with Maple Leaf GBB hop-up buckings like the popular models Wonder, Super, MrHop, and others. Buckings from other manufacturers may require adjustments to the pressing surface.
The CNC aluminum hop-up chamber M4G is precisely crafted, like its red counterpart, to bring consistent performance, accuracy, and increased range to your TM and VFC standard AEG/HPA gun.

The hop-up chamber is equipped with an aluminum rotary dial for fine hop-up adjustment, a precise pressing arm and nub for consistent performance and accuracy.
The chamber is smartly equipped with a replaceable inlet adapter, ensuring it fits precisely into the center of the gearbox nozzle without gaps or wobbling.
It also features removable CNC brass side wings for smooth insertion into the outer barrel slots and a CNC Delrin locking C-clip that firmly holds the inner barrel in place without wobbling or twisting.
Additionally, the hop-up chamber is equipped with a proven BB retention system that prevents BBs from dropping out after removing the magazine. The BBs can be manually released from the chamber by pressing the lever at the chamber's mouth where the magazine is inserted.

This version of the chamber is offered by MAXX Model in three variants:

  1. for standard AEG M4/16 (TM, VFC, and others)
  2. for ICS AEG M4/16
  3. for MTW systems (Wolverine HPA MTW Milspec/Forged/Billet and MTW-9)


  • This chamber is not compatible with standard AEG buckings.
  • For proper function on your M4 AEG, you will need a Maple Leaf GBB bucking and an inner barrel with grooves for the GBB bucking and AEG barrel lock (e.g., Maple Leaf).
  • Other GBB buckings are compatible but may require adjustment of the centering surface for proper function.


  • Designed for TM and VFC standard AEG M4/16 guns
  • Designed for Maple Leaf Wonder and Super GBB hop-up buckings
  • Other GBB buckings may require adjustments

Package includes:

  • 1 x CNC aluminum hop-up chamber M4G
  • 2 x CNC acrylic side cover
  • 2 x CNC brass 2.5mm side wing
  • 1 x CNC steel pivot pin
  • 1 x CNC aluminum hop-up arm
  • 1 x CNC aluminum soft round nub
  • 1 x CNC aluminum soft flat nub
  • 1 x CNC aluminum hard concave nub
  • 3 x steel nub spring
  • 1 x CNC steel spring guide
  • 1 x steel upper compression spring
  • 1 x steel center compression spring
  • 1 x CNC Delrin locking C-clip
  • 1 x CNC brass barrel spacer
  • 1 x brass barrel spacer holder o-ring
  • 1 x CNC aluminum rotary dial
  • 1 x CNC aluminum inlet adapter
  • 1 x shim set
  • 1 x o-ring set
Gearbox versionV2
Hop-Up chamber materialMetal