Starter Pack - SA-FX01 FLEX™ SMG - Black

Introducing our STARTER PACK for beginners. We have selected and assembled this pack to meet the needs of new players.

Inside the pack you will find everything you need if you have decided to start with Airsoft - gun, battery, charger, goggles and BBs.

Of course, our ANAREUS patch (+10 damage) and keychain (+10 stamina) must not be missing.

So don't wait for anything. 

Get ready and go play! 

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: Specna Arms

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  • 149,94 € 174,24 € In Stock

    : Specna Arms


    Introducing our STARTER PACK for beginners. We have selected and assembled this pack to meet the needs of new players. Inside the pack you will find everything you need if you have decided to start with Airsoft - gun, battery, charger, goggles and BBs. Of course, our ANAREUS patch (+10 damage) and keychain (+10 stamina) must not be missing. So don't...

    149,94 € 174,24 €
    In Stock
    Reduced price!

We have chosen an electric airsoft gun from Specna Arms for this starter pack (set). Replicas from this company are a great value for money, so they are weapons that last a very long time and can be relied on.

As a battery to drive this replica, we chose an ASG 11.1V battery with a capacity of 1300 mAh and a discharge current of 25C. It will be the right one for this weapon and will give it good performance. The IMAX B3 charger is very easy to use and will ensure good and safe charging of the battery.

The M4000 safety glasses fit perfectly on everyone (even smaller faces) and guarantee perfect vision protection.

The ideal ammunition for this gun is 0.25g BBs, and we have added the popular BLS here.

As a small treat from us, you will also receive our ANAREUS patch and also a keychain.

Information about gun

X Series is another addition to the group of AR15 (M4/16) based submachine guns, this time in the AR9 with 9mm pistol magazines configuration from Specna Arms. It has managed to impress a large number of players with its quality of craftsmanship, internal components, and pricing.
This submachine gun can be used independently on CQB fields or can be carried by a sniper as a backup weapon.
The weapon's body, including the extendable stock, is made of durable polymer with a beautiful surface finish. This compact beast is truly durable and robust, yet extremely lightweight and maneuverable. Designed for dominating CQB arenas.
Intuitive controls thanks to the proven AR-15 platform. On the left side, you'll find precise fire mode selector, ambidextrous charging handle, and on the right side, ejection port cover, providing easy access to hop-up adjustment.
Although the chamber is plastic, it is precisely crafted and easily adjustable using a rotary ring in the style of ProWin.

Magazine and its release mechanism are ingeniously designed with a quick-release lever similar to AK/EVO-type weapons, ensuring reliability and easy operation compared to a small button on AR15. Other control elements, however, are identical to larger M4 rifle variants.
Airsoft version of Glock magazines is just an imitation, but that doesn't diminish the authenticity of the experience. The magazine holds securely in the weapon and doesn't wobble.
The replica is equipped with the MOSFET X-ASR module from the Polish company GATE. It ensures safe switching, protects internal components, improves trigger response, and extends battery life. It also increases the rate of fire and allows the safe use of Li-Po batteries 7.4V and 11.1V. Thanks to integrated status diodes, the module can diagnose basic issues in the weapon.
Each gun in the Flex series from Specna Arms comes with a main 6.03 mm barrel, enhancing accuracy.
Currently, the QSC system (quick spring change) is becoming more standard, allowing you to install a stronger/weaker spring according to your preference. The spring can be replaced without the need for special tools, all through the stock tube, without having to pull out or disassemble the gearbox.
Moreover, the gearbox is reinforced and includes premium internal components, capable of working with springs up to M120 (as stated by the manufacturer Specna Arms in the description of FLEX/Core series gearboxes).

Why choose Specna Arms X series FLEX?

  • High-quality polymer body reinforced with nylon fibers - lightweight, durable, and stronger than most alloy bodies on the market
  • Light Ops-type stock with rubberized cheekpiece
  • Gearbox V2 with QSC system via stock
  • Mosfet X-ASR 4th generation with polarity protection and increased rate of fire with T-DEAN connector in the stock
  • Reinforced polymer piston with all steel teeth
  • 8mm ball bearings for smooth operation
  • Set of gears with a ratio of 18:1
  • Polymer rotary hop-up chamber
  • Precise 6.03 mm diameter barrel

The FLEX series is essentially the sibling of the CORE series, differing from the EDGE/EDGE2.0 and ONE series by having plastic external parts instead of metal ones. However, it is made of durable polymer reinforced with nylon fibers (which has been used in weapons like G36, P90 for years). This material combination withstands typical handling in airsoft (including accidental drops, impacts on obstacles/posts, etc.), as the low weight of the weapon also means lower energy from falls and impacts. Moreover, not all plastics are equal to each other, and some Chinese metal powder alloy has far less durability in practice than reinforced plastic bodies. Additionally, it is possible to replace plastic parts over time with CNC metal parts from Specna Arms.
The M-Lok-style handguard allows for attaching various accessories. The ergonomic design and construction guarantee a comfortable grip and easy operation. With an adjustable stock, this replica is ready for diverse gaming situations.
Overall, it's a rifle that combines an attractive design, low weight, and great price for a maximum experience.

Plastic parts of the FLEX series body include:

  • body
  • stock tube
  • handguard
  • grip, stock, and sights similar to the Edge series

Metal parts include:

  • outer barrel with a 14mm- thread for a suppressor
  • suppressor
  • charging handle for hop-up access
  • screws, pins, and small body parts are even made of steel

In the package, you will find:

  • Rifle
  • Magazine for 200 BBs (rotary)
  • Folding sights
  • Additional weaker spring (M90) for CQB
  • Specna Arms promotional stickers
  • User manual
Muzzle velocity (m/s)115 (m/s)
Recommended weight of ammunition0,25g - 0,28g
Thread (mm)14- (mm)
Outer length MINIMAL (mm)670 (mm)
Outer length MAXIMAL (mm)760 (mm)
Inner barrel length (mm)229 (mm)
Weight (g)1980 (g)
Body/receiver materialABS / Plastic
Gearbox versionV2 - ESA™
Amount of piston teeth14
Bearings (mm)8 (mm)
Bearings (material)Metal
Hlava pístuPlastic
Spring guideMetal
Hop-Up chamber materialPlastic
Connector typeSmall Tamyia
Magazine materialPlastic
High-cap / Mid-capHigh-cap
Magazine capacity200
Processor unitYES
Battery includedYES
Battery ChargerYES
  Specna Arms SA - FX01 Flex