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Starter Pack - SA-FX01 FLEX™ SMG - Černý View larger

Starter Pack - SA AR9 Light Ops (SA-FX01 FLEX™) - Black

Introducing our STARTER PACK for beginners. We have selected and assembled this pack to meet the needs of new players.

Inside the pack you will find everything you need if you have decided to start with Airsoft - gun, battery, charger, goggles and BBs.

Of course, our ANAREUS patch (+10 damage) and keychain (+10 stamina) must not be missing.

So don't wait for anything. 

Get ready and go play!

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: Specna Arms

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What is a starter pack?

Starter pack is a complete set of everything you need to get started with airsoft.
In this starter pack, we have selected an electric airsoft gun from Specna Arms. Weapons from this company offer a great balance of price and quality, making them reliable and long-lasting.
For the power supply of this replica, we have chosen the ASG 11.1V battery with a capacity of 900mAh and discharge current of 25C. It will provide good performance for this gun.
IMAX B3 charger 10W is very easy to use and ensures safe charging of the battery.
M4000 protective goggles fit perfectly on any face (even smaller ones) and guarantee perfect eye protection.
The ideal ammunition for this gun is 0.25g BBs, and we have included popular BLS ones here.
As a small gift from us, you will also receive an ANAREUS patch and a keychain.

Information about gun

AR9, a modern variant of the legendary AR platform, is adapted for using pistol cartridges, usually 9mm Luger. This concept combines the advantages of the popular AR-15 rifle with the benefits of smaller and cheaper ammunition.
The origin of AR9 dates back to the 60s when the original AR-15 was designed by Eugene Stoner and produced by Armalite, initially intended for military use. In the 80s and 90s, the AR platform began to gain popularity among civilian users, and gun manufacturers started experimenting with various variants, including those for pistol cartridges.
In 2000, AR9 emerged as a specialized variant and its popularity grew due to its versatility, low ammunition costs, and reduced recoil.
AR9 is characterized by modularity, similar to the AR-15, allowing for easy component exchange and customization according to user needs. Using 9mm cartridges offers advantages such as lower ammunition costs and reduced recoil, making it easier to control the weapon. This weapon is ideal for sport shooting, home defense, and training due to its compact size and ease of handling.
Today, AR9 is a popular choice for many shooters looking for a versatile and affordable weapon.
The airsoft AEG assault rifle AR9 in the FLEX™ series from Specna Arms emphasizes the lightweight nylon body, but also on the top-notch design and fitting. The body is reinforced with fiberglass and is more durable than the common zinc alloys of cheap metal bodies, appreciated not only by beginners but also advanced players who prefer fast action in speedsoft style, where every gram is just extra weight. This type of body is also found on weapons like CZ Scorpion Evo or MP7.
The X series is therefore another contribution from Specna Arms to the group of submachine guns based on the AR15 (M4/16) platform, this time in the form of AR9 with 9mm pistol magazines.
This submachine gun can be used individually on CQB fields, or any sniper can take it as a backup weapon.

What does Specna Arms AR9 Light Ops (SA-FX01 FLEX™) offer?

Internal parts

The replica AR9 Light Ops (SA-FX01 FLEX™) is equipped with a MOSFET X-ASR module from the Polish company GATE. It ensures safe switching and protects the internal parts, improves trigger response, extends battery life, increases the weapon's RoF, and allows for the safe use of Li-Pol batteries 7.4V and 11.1V. Thanks to integrated status LEDs, the module can diagnose basic malfunctions in the weapon.
Out of the box, AR9 is equipped with a precision 6.03 mm barrel, which increases accuracy, and an adjustable Hop-up chamber type M4/16 with a quality rubber.
In addition, the nowadays increasingly standard QSC ESA spring quick-change system allows you to install a stronger/weaker spring as needed. The spring can be replaced without removing the gearbox from the weapon's body, everything is done easily through the stock.
Gearbox is additionally reinforced and contains premium internal parts (listed below in the description), the gearbox can operate with springs up to M120 (as stated by the manufacturer Specna Arms in the description of the FLEX series gearboxes).

External parts

The replica Specna Arms AR9 Light Ops (SA-FX01 FLEX™) excels with high-quality external nylon body construction, which has a matte finish and gives a very realistic impression. Reinforced with fiberglass, it is very durable yet lightweight.
The outer barrel is made of metal
 and screws, ejection port, and pins are even made of steel. This small beast is truly durable and sturdy, yet extremely light and maneuverable. Designed to dominate CQB arenas.
Control is intuitive thanks to the proven AR-15 platform. On the left side, there is a precise fire selector, ambidextrous charging handle and on the right side, a ejection port that allows easy access to adjust the hop-up.
The magazine and its release are ingeniously designed with a release lever similar to AK/EVO weapons, ensuring reliability and ease of use compared to the small button on the AR15, other controls are identical to the larger M4 rifles.
The airsoft version imitates Glock magazines, but this does not detract from the authenticity of the experience. The magazine holds firmly in the weapon and does not wobble.
Nylon M-LOK handguard M4 allows for attaching various accessories such as a grip, PEQ module or flashlight.
The handguard is secured with a metal ring, ensuring stability and robustness.
The stock is designed in the popular Light Ops style. 
Adjustable and ergonomicit provides comfort and stability during shooting. The stock is additionally equipped with a rubber pad for better shoulder grip.
The battery fits exclusively into the buffer tube and requires Stick (buffer) type batteries.
Overall, it's a rifle that combines lightweight and great internals with an attractive price.

The plastic parts of the FLEX series body include:

  • body
  • buffer tube
  • handguard
  • grip, stock, and sights as in the Edge series

Metal parts:

  • outer barrel with a 14-mm thread for a suppressor
  • flash hider
  • charging handle for hop-up adjustment access
  • screws, pins, and small body parts are even made of steel

Key Features

  • High-quality nylon body reinforced with polymer fibers
  • 4th generation Mosfet X-ASR with reverse polarity protection and increased rate of fire with T-DEAN connector in the stock
  • Mechabox V2 with ESA quick spring change system
  • Reinforced polymer piston with all steel teeth
  • Polymer nozzle
  • Polymer cylinder head with sealing and metal nozzle nose
  • Polymer piston head with sealing
  • 8mm metal sliding bearings
  • Set of gears with a standard ratio of 18:1
  • Polymer rotary hop-up chamber
  • Precision barrel with a diameter of 6.03 mm
Muzzle velocity (m/s)115 (m/s)
Recommended weight of ammunition0,25g - 0,28g
Thread (mm)14- (mm)
Outer length MINIMAL (mm)670 (mm)
Outer length MAXIMAL (mm)760 (mm)
Inner barrel length (mm)229 (mm)
Weight (g)1980 (g)
Body/receiver materialABS / Plastic
Gearbox versionV2 - ESA™
Amount of piston teeth14
Bearings (mm)8 (mm)
Bearings (material)Metal
Hlava pístuPlastic
Spring guidePlastic
Hop-Up chamber materialPlastic
Connector typeT-Dean
Magazine materialPlastic
High-cap / Mid-capHigh-cap
Magazine capacity200
Processor unitNO
Battery includedYES
Battery ChargerYES
  Specna Arms SA - FX01 Flex