Hip Bag Burrito® Multi Pouch Gen. 3 - Multicam

The perfect companion for every warrior. Not just any military waist bag, but a blend of innovative design and maximum functionality from Ventum Gear.
Attach your gear easily and securely, thanks to the laser-cut grid structure.
Hidden pockets, bright fleece, and durable Cordura(R) 560 material.

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: Ventum Gear

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Strategic Companion for Every Warrior: Burrito Multi Pouch Waist Bag by Ventum Gear

Crafted for true warriors, the Burrito Multi Pouch brings not just a revolutionary design but also maximum functionality to the battlefield.

Innovative Grid Structure for Unbeatable Performance:
On the front of the bag, you'll find a meticulously crafted grid structure created through laser-cutting laminates, laser-cut. This grid allows attaching various gear, like flashlights or lightsticks, both horizontally and vertically. It's sewn only at specific points, ensuring strength and durability.

Fleece Interior for Clarity Even in Dim Conditions:
Inside the bag, we've prioritized maximum visibility even in low light. The bright fleece interior helps keep items organized and easily accessible. At the bottom of the bag, there's a drainage hole and 4 additional loops for attaching gear.

Attachment for Excellent Wearability and Universal Use:
The waist bag can be worn separately with a waist belt, or the side buckles can be unclipped and used as a classic pouch fastened with molle webbing. At the same time, clips can be attached to the side outputs for wearing as a chest-rig. Instead of ordinary straps, we've integrated a sturdy attachment, allowing easy connection to belts, vests, or backpacks. This attachment is exceptionally durable, ensuring secure wearability from festival fun to military missions.

Hidden Pockets and More Handy Features:
The back of the bag conceals a hidden pocket suitable for various items like handcuffs, disposable gloves, or payment methods. Additionally, we've added an elastic holder for a Tourniquet, which can be crucial in life-saving situations.

Durable Construction for Extreme Conditions:
The Burrito Multi Pouch is made from resilient Cordura(R) 560 material, resistant to wear and tear in demanding battlefield conditions.

Available Accessories:

  • Pouch Insert
  • Ace Placard
  • Smart Tac Rig
  • Dangler Adapter

Constructed from sturdy Cordura(R) 560 material, resilient against wear and challenging battlefield conditions.

24 cm x 13 cm x 4 cm

Color Options:

Made in Europe, ensuring quality and reliability.

Accessories shown in the picture are not included in the package.