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Battery charger TITAN Digital for Li-Pol, Li-Ion, LiFe - EU Plug

The fast and compact TITAN charger with a digital display is great not only for charging your batteries, but also as a tester when you are in the field! Thanks to its small size and metal construction, you can take it everywhere.

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The fast and compact TITAN charger with a digital display is designed for charging 2-4 cell Li-Ion / Li-Pol batteries. The batteries are charged via the service connector.


The charger works even without power as a tester - just connect the battery and the display will show its voltage. You can check the condition of the battery quickly, easily and really anywhere. Even without a mains connection.


Twice the charging speed compared to the previous model - 1500 mAh. The charger quickly and safely charges lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries (FCC, CE, RoHS, WEEE certification).


The charger balances the voltage on each battery cell while charging. This is essential for maximum lithium battery life. The charger is designed for 2-4 cell batteries - 7.4V, 11.1V and 14.8V.

Approximate charging times:

  • 2600 mAh: 1 to 2 hours
  • 5600 mAh: 2 to 4 hours
  • 7000 mAh: 2 to 5 hours


  • Designed for Li-Ion and Li-Po batteries (7.4V to 14.8V)
  • Input: DC 9V to 16V (> 30W)
  • Current: 1500 mA
  • Accuracy: 4.20V (+/- 10mV)

Dimensions: 80.8 mm length x 50.3 mm width x 21.0 mm height
Weight: 300 g