WE GBBR M4 CQB V3 - Black

Gas GBBR assault rifle WE M4 CQB in black for an authentic shooting experience!

M4 offers a powerful blowback, a metal body and real controls!

Open Bolt system with a moving bolt during firing!

Great performance thanks to metal internal parts that are easily upgradable!

WE Tactical Training International

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Gas Guns by WE

WE gas rifles (GBBR) with the blowback (bolt recoil) feature are a popular choice among players seeking the most realistic shooting experience while preferring durable metal-bodied guns.
Among the most popular models are the replicas of long guns like the AR15 (M4, Model 416) and AK, but WE also offers other guns like P90, MP7, MP5, and SCAR.
Weapons by WE offer not only great quality but also superior performance at a minimal cost compared to the competition.

Assault Rifle M4 and Its History

M4 is a compact automatic rifle developed in the United States based on the popular assault rifle M16. It was designed with the need for a lighter and shorter version of the M16 that would be suitable for use in close quarters and urban combat.
In the 1960s, the M16, developed by Armalite and adopted by the U.S. military, was the foundational design for the M4. In the 1980s, the first M4 prototypes appeared, featuring a shorter barrel and a telescopic stock, improving maneuverability in confined spaces.
In the 1990s, the M4 was officially adopted into the U.S. Armed Forces as the standard carbine, replacing older models such as the M3 and M9. The rifle is characterized by its capability to fire both single shots and bursts, making it a versatile weapon.
The M4 quickly became popular among soldiers due to its light weight, compactness, and reliability. It was widely used in conflicts like the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and became the iconic weapon of the modern U.S. Armed Forces.
Besides the standard model, there are many variants of the M4 equipped with various accessories and enhancements to meet the specific needs of military units.

What Does the WE GBBR Gas Rifle M4 CQB Offer?

With the GBBR rifle WE M4 CQB, you'll experience an authentic shooting sensation that provides a more realistic and engaging shooting experience.
The weapon replica was manufactured as accurately as possible according to the real model, and inside, you'll find tuned internal parts for great performance and reliability without the need for immediate investment in upgrade parts.
The controls mimic their real counterparts as closely as possible, making it ideal for weapon handling training or tactical exercises.
GBBR gas rifles from WE boast excellent ergonomics and offer shooters a realistic experience.
All external parts are finely crafted for comfortable and intuitive handling, ready for intensive use in games, training, or sport shooting. Rightfully, gas guns from WE are considered among the most widespread and popular among both beginners, backyard recreational shooters, and advanced hardcore players who perfect their replicas to match real service weapons.
WE GBBR with a moving metal bolt is suitable for medium-strength gases, and we recommend using gases such as Green Gas or Red Gas in colder weather.
In addition to the realistically moving bolt, which provides a recoil by hitting the back of the weapon, WE weapons feature a metal trigger mechanism, functional bolt catch (the weapon stops firing after the last BB is fired from the magazine), and an adjustable hop-up chamber, allowing you to shoot even heavier ammunition to fully utilize the potential of gas weapons and significantly improve accuracy.

Key Features of the Weapon:

  • Metal moving bolt (Open Bolt)
  • Metal trigger mechanism
  • Magazine with realistic ammunition capacity
  • Strong recoil (blowback)
  • Adjustable Hop-up
  • Real controls like a live weapon
  • Functional bolt catch
  • Quality metal body
  • CNC RIS handguard

Improvements in the V3 Version:

  • Revised trigger mechanism for greater durability
  • Higher gas efficiency
  • Improved anti-freeze seal system for full-auto shooting
  • Groove on the bolt for more reliable catching when the magazine is empty

Package Contents:

  • WE GBBR rifle
  • Gas magazine
  • Manual
Muzzle velocity (m/s)130 (m/s)
Recommended weight of ammunition0,30g - 0,36g
Thread (mm)14- (mm)
Length750 (mm)
Outer length MINIMAL (mm)660 (mm)
Outer length MAXIMAL (mm)750 (mm)
Inner barrel length (mm)260 (mm)
Weight (g)3300 (g)
Body/receiver materialMetal
Hop-Up chamber materialMetal
Magazine materialMetal
High-cap / Mid-capMid-cap
Magazine capacity30
  WE Airsoft M4 GBBR V3 system