TM GBB gas pistol Night Warrior - Black

Maybe you are among those who compromise, settle for less, and are undemanding...

Or you are the ones who invest in firearms from Tokyo Marui!

TM GBB Gas Pistol Colt M1911 Night Warrior offers strong blowbackreinforced pistonefficient gas saving, reliabilityfunctional slide catch, and of course, impeccable quality of the entire firearm body!

Tokyo Marui - There's nothing better! 

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30. 09. 2024 (12 pcs.)


: Tokyo Marui

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Tokyo Marui gas pistols (GBBand gas rifles (GBBR) with blowback function represent the pinnacle in the realm of airsoft weaponry.
Among the most popular models are their replicas of pistols like GlockHi-Capa, and long guns with the MWS system.
Weapons from TM offer not only high quality but also innovative technologies in terms of efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness.

With TM Colt M1911 Night Warrior GBB pistol, you'll experience an authentic shooting feel that provides a more realistic and immersive airsoft experience.
Thanks to precise craftsmanship and innovative design, this weapon is an excellent choice for any passionate airsoft player.
Remember, besides performance and technology, Tokyo Marui is the king of quality among airsoft weapon manufacturers.

Tokyo Marui meticulously replicates real models and installs innovative internal parts in their replicas, equipping their gas weapons with a new piston design for increased blowback while maintaining consistent gas consumption.
The grip is ergonomically shaped for comfortable handling. This model, with its precise and high-quality construction, is suitable for regular active use.
Aside from excellent internal parts and advanced features, the main attraction of the weapons is their exterior and handling, offering maximum realism.

Why Choose Tokyo Marui Weapons?

  • Traditional and most popular brand setting the standard for quality
  • Innovative technology and reliability
  • Excellent replication of external parts according to real models
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Reinforced piston with maximum gas consumption efficiency
  • Stronger blowback
  • Shorter slide cycle for better trigger response

Tokyo Marui GBB pistols with plastic slides are not suitable for strong gases, we recommend using Light Gas type.

Package Contents:

  • GBB pistol TM Colt M1911 Night Warrior
  • 28 BBs magazine
  • Manual
  • Tokyo Marui Accessories
Muzzle velocity (m/s)90 (m/s)
Recommended weight of ammunition0,25g - 0,28g
Length223 (mm)
Inner barrel length (mm)110 (mm)
Weight (g)840 (g)
Body/receiver materialABS / Plastic
Hop-Up chamber materialMetal
Magazine materialMetal
High-cap / Mid-capMid-cap
Magazine capacity28