Grenade launcher on RIS rail 20mm for airsoft gas grenade 40mm

Do you want to launch grenades without lugging around a hefty underslung grenade launcher?

Action Army offers a compact and deadly solution!

The Mini Grenade Launcher on the RIS rail for pistols or rifles can accommodate standard 40mm gas grenades, securely holding and, when needed, launching them into the ranks of unsuspecting enemies.

A small package of deadly force for mighty warriors!

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: Action Army

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Everyone has surely considered the tactical advantages of grenade launchers in airsoft. The extreme firepower, sound effects, and more. However, attaching a heavy and non-compact grenade launcher to one's weapon has deterred most enthusiasts.
Then came the attempt with a grenade pistol, but it required a place to attach it on the gear.

Action Army comes to the rescue by creating a small compact grenade launcher that accommodates all 40mm gas airsoft grenades (including the giant Master Mike) thanks to its open design. The grenade launcher can then be attached to the RIS rail on the weapon or even on a pistol and remains within easy reach. Minimizing its dimensions ensures feather-light weight, so it won't be a hindrance anywhere, and you won't feel it on your weapon. The grenade launcher is equipped with a functional safety and a very sturdy grenade latch, so you don't have to worry about accidental activation or grenade fallouts. Moreover, the grenade launcher, along with the grenade, can be placed in larger grenade pouches and attached to the weapon when needed (for example, when entering buildings).

The AA Grenade Launcher offers:

  • Compact dimensions and low weight
  • Attachment to standard 20mm RIS rails
  • Firing of all 40mm gas airsoft grenades
  • Safety lock
  • Backfire button, easily pressable with the thumb while holding the foregrip

Grenades for this grenade launcher, including AceHive grenades that you can fill in a second, are available in our offer!

Recommended weight of ammunition0,20g - 0,23g
Weight (g)350 (g)
Body/receiver materialABS / Plastic