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The SMALL self-heating capsule from Adventure Menu is like your personal chef in the field, allowing you to enjoy a hot meal anywhere during your airsoft missions. This practical and innovative approach to cooking on the go will change the way you eat outdoors.

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In the field, where every second and every gram in your pack counts, the SMALL Self-Heating Capsule from Adventure Menu is just what you need to get a hot meal. This revolutionary product allows you to heat up any food quickly and efficiently without a fire or cooker, making it perfect for your airsoft missions. Lightweight and compact, this capsule fits easily into your gear and is ready to use whenever you feel hungry. Just add water, activate the capsule and you can watch your food heat up before your eyes. The SMALL self-heating capsule offers you not only convenience, but also a safe and reliable way to enjoy a hot meal whether you're at a workout, a game, or just relaxing in the great outdoors. With this capsule, eating in the field becomes an easy and convenient experience, bringing the warm comforts of home to your airsoft adventure.

30g self-heating capsule - to heat up 1 x 500g main meal, or 2 x 200g or 250g meals.

Can only be used with the special multi-use zipper-bag included in the ALL IN set.

The self-heater, or flameless chemical heater, is a special bag that heats your food by itself without the use of a cooker or utensils and in 12 minutes! In the meantime, you can pitch a tent, light a fire; simply spend your time on more important activities than cooking.

Self-heating works on the principle of an exothermic reaction between calcium oxide and water. This self-heating system consists of heating capsules (30g to heat 500g of food; 60g to heat 1kg of food) and a zipper-bag in which all the heating takes place.