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The BIG Self-Heating Capsule from Adventure Menu is your key to warm meals in the great outdoors. For all airsoft players who want to comfortably and quickly heat their food without fire, this capsule is the perfect solution for larger portions and longer adventures.

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Are you embarking on long airsoft missions and need a reliable way to heat your food? The BIG Self-Heating Capsule from Adventure Menu is the ideal companion for you. This larger version of the classic self-heating capsule allows you to heat a greater amount of food, perfect for longer expeditions or when you're out with friends. Simply add water, activate the capsule, and watch as your meal heats up quickly and safely, all without the need for fire or a stove. The BIG Self-Heating Capsule is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry, making it an indispensable part of your outdoor gear. Enjoy the convenience of hot food anywhere on your travels, whether you're on an airsoft field, camping in nature, or just spending time outdoors. With this capsule, you can enjoy larger portions of warm meals and extend your adventure in nature.

60 g capsule heats up to two 500 g food

Manufacturer's info:

Self-heating (also known as a 'flameless heater') is a special accessory to Adventure Menu meals that offers the highest comfort on the go. It is a special pouch that heats your food in a few minutes, without the need for a stove and cookware. The self-heating works on the principle of a chemical reaction between a mixture of calcium oxide with aluminium powder and water. This mixture is placed in a special permeable pouch made of non-woven fabric, which ensures the permeability of water to the mixture. Once water gets into the pouch, it triggers a chemical reaction that turns calcium oxide into calcium hydroxide. This reaction is accompanied by the creation of high temperatures (up to 98°C) and the evaporation of the added water. The entire reaction takes place exclusively inside the heating capsule, so the user's health is not endangered, and since the food is hermetically sealed in a barrier pouch, it does not come into contact with any of the chemicals.

The exact procedure:

Remove capsule from the package with the heating.
Insert working with the heating capsule at the bottom of the bag with a zipper (not included).
Insert the bag (bags) with food.
Pour 150 ml of water and close the bag with zipper.
For 10-12 minutes the food is warmed; Remove the bag with food and open.
Can only be used with a special bag zipper-bag, you can buy separately (the multiple use).