B&T Rotex-V Blast Deflector 95mm QD silencer, Black

We would like to introduce you to the new ROTEX-V shock absorbers with a lockable QD system. Thanks to the license and cooperation with B&T, it is indistinguishable from the original at first glance. Precise CNC processing and original marking make it the sexiest accessory you can have!

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Introducing the ROTEX Blast Deflector barrel extension tube with lockable QD mount.  Specially designed to imitate the QD Blast Deflector range made by ROTEX but made specifically for airsoft replicas. With a superior finish this awesome looking barrel extension tube features a screw-on lock with a ratchet mechanism for a quick and tight fit on to the flash hider and outer barrel of your replica which can be adjusted with a turn of a screw to be a more secure and permanent fit. .

Featuring a rugged yet lightweight construction and with authentic markings this ROTEX fully licenced barrel extension tube will give your airsoft replica that ‘special operations’ look in seconds.

Made of precision CNC’d and high quality Metal Injection Moulded components enclosed in an aluminium outer sleeve which has been colour anodised a sleek black to create a stunning finish.  

This uniquely styled accessory will attach quickly and easily to most M4 style muzzles and a locking compatible muzzle is included with this item.

Due to legal requirements, all barrel extension tubes are empty and without foam or sound baffles. Therefore, this model features no measurable sound reduction. It is intended for appearances only.