EPeS silencer/suppressor Mk.III inserts - 34mm

EPeS silencer/suppressor Mk.III inserts for silencers with an outer diameter of 34 mm (e.g., Delta Armory or Specna Arms).

They offer truly effective noise reduction during shooting with all types of airsoft rifles (AEG, GBB, HPA, and manual sniper rifles).

The set includes 26 inserts (13 baffles and 13 chambers) up to 200 mm Suppressors.

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EPeS silencer/suppressor Mk.III inserts are the first truly functional element for silencing airsoft guns!
No, we're not exaggerating. This insert set is meticulously designed to provide maximum noise reduction during shooting based on the mechanism of all types of airsoft guns (AEG, GBB, HPA, and manual sniper rifles), all with precise Czech craftsmanship.

The set includes a total of 26 silencing inserts for up to 200 mm suppressors:

  • 13 pieces of 6mm baffles (2 fixed separator inserts connecting the internal thick foam insert)
  • 13 pieces of chambers with a thinner 10mm foam insert.

Baffles and chambers can be freely combined, allowing you to achieve the optimal level of shot silencing. They far surpass foam fillings in some suppressors, which essentially only reduce the space for sound resonance. A suppressor without filling, on the other hand, actually increases shot noise.
These inserts excel especially when used with HPA, GBB rifles, and manual sniper rifles.
For AEG guns, it's crucial to achieve noise reduction in the actual shot from the gearbox, dampen the piston impact with Sorbopad on the cylinder head, properly shim the gears, and adjust the motor heght, alleviate the piston load with AOE correction.

Epes offers inserts for various silencers, if the suppressor name is not directly mentioned, it provides the EPeS outer (not inner) diameter of the suppressor for which the inserts are intended.
For a better overview, we provide diameters in the table below:

EPeS Mk.III Silencer Inserts

DesignationInner diameter of insert in mmSuitable for silencers
40 mm36ASG Rotex V3 (gen II)
SVU34.8CYMA SVU, ASG Rotex (gen I)
SF55633SOCOM SF556 and SF762 - Angry Gun/Airsoft Artisan and 5KU (about 0.3mm narrower)
35 mm31according to size
34 mm30Delta Armory, Specna Arms suppressors (basic) and others
MK23 Socom29TM/ASG MK23 Socom
32 mm28according to size
30 mm26according to size

Package contents:

  • 13 pcs of 6mm baffles
  • 13 pcs of 10mm chambers