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Starter Pack - M4A1 RIS CORE™ (SA-C03)

Introducing our STARTER PACK for beginners. We have selected and assembled this pack to meet the needs of new players. Inside the pack you will find everything you need if you have decided to start with Airsoft - gun, battery, charger, goggles and BBs. Of course, our ANAREUS patch (+10 damage) and keychain (+10 stamina) must not be missing. So don't wait for anything. Get ready and go play! 

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: Specna Arms

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Jak fungují věrnostní body?

We have chosen an electric airsoft gun from Specna Arms for this starter pack (set). Replicas from this company are a great value for money, so they are weapons that last a very long time and can be relied on.

As a battery to drive this replica, we chose an ASG 7.4V battery with a capacity of 1300 mAh and a discharge current of 25C. It will be the right one for this weapon and will give it good performance. The IMAX B3 charger is very easy to use and will ensure good and safe charging of the battery.

The M4000 safety glasses fit perfectly on everyone (even smaller faces) and guarantee perfect vision protection.

The ideal ammunition for this gun is 0.25g BBs, and we have added the popular BLS here.

As a small treat from us, you will also receive our ANREUS patch and also a keychain.

About the replica:

The receiver, stock slide and an SF stock that holds the battery, as well as the pistol grip, were made from nylon reinforced polymer. Remaining components such as the barrel, RIS handguard, flash hider, enlarged charging handle and tactical sling swivels were made of metal (parts made of steel include the screws, pins, shell ejection window and mock bolt carrier). The receiver bears markings and a serial number.

The replica’s parts fit very well together and the User will not experience any loose spots between the lower and upper receiver. The use of a light polymer receiver allowed for a reduced weight, which makes it very suitable for dynamic games or long-lasting mil-sims. What’s more, fiberglass reinforcement makes the receiver also more durable than polymer and metal receivers. 

The replica features a ESA™ Quick Spring Change System. Due to that system, it is possible to rapidly and quickly adapt the power of the replica to the conditions expected on the playing field without the necessity to have the access to a workshop or a set of special tools - all that is required is to remove the stock slide in order to gain access to the spring so that it can be removed without having to pull out or disassemble the gearbox. 

The advantages of ESA system are hard to overstate. In the light of the current internal regulations inside various groups, the system guarantees the User a varied set of possibilities and plenty of freedom. ESA system allows with a minimal amount of time to change the main spring, thusly customize the muzzle velocity towards the area of the game in such a way so as to guarantee an ideal compromise between the effectiveness of fire and safety for the User himself as well as other participants.

The replica is fully compatible with LiPo and LiFe batteries. Due to a base muzzle velocity of ~380 FPS provided by the main spring installed by default by the manufacturer, the replica is perfect for operating on a medium range. The set also includes an M90 spring, which allows reducing the muzzle velocity to ~310 FPS and as a result to adapt the replica for close-ranged and indoor operations.

The gearbox contains 8 mm slide bearings as well as shimmed steel gears based on them. The system is secured with four anti-reversal latches. A light, made of a polycarbonate polymer piston is equipped with a full steel strip, in order to increase its durability. Also, implemented were a type 0 cylinder and a steel circuit-breaker, as well as a precise rotary Hop-Up chamberThe durability of parts allows for the cooperation with M140 springs.

The precisely-made rotary type Hop-Up chamber perfectly fit with high quality 6,03 precision barrel. The use of precision barrel has a positive effect on the range and accuracy of the replica. 

The replica is equipped with a 22 mm top RIS rail, RIS handguard and an adjustable stock. The top RIS rail features a flip-up rear sight that does not collide with optoelectronic aiming devices. Due to the extendable stock with an anti-slip stock pad, it is possible to adapt the replica’s length to the body type and preferences of the User. A standard flash hider is based on 14 mm left-handed thread, which allows the attachment of a silencer in its place.

The set includes:

  • replica
  • magazine 
  • fixed iron sights
  • RIS rail covers
  • tactical forward grip
  • additional main spring   
Muzzle velocity (m/s)103 (m/s)
Recommended weight of ammunition0,25g - 0,28g
Thread (mm)14- (mm)
Outer length MINIMAL (mm)800 (mm)
Outer length MAXIMAL (mm)880 (mm)
Inner barrel length (mm)363 (mm)
Weight (g)2850 (g)
Body/receiver materialABS / Plastic
Amount of piston teeth14
Bearings (mm)8 (mm)
Bearings (material)Metal
Hlava pístuPlastic
Spring guidePlastic
Hop-Up chamber materialPlastic
Connector typeSmall Tamyia
Magazine materialPlastic
High-cap / Mid-capHigh-cap
Magazine capacity300
Processor unitNO
Battery includedYES
Battery ChargerYES