ASG Blaster Tracer pellets 0,20g, 3300 BBs - Green Illuminating

The Blaster BBs from ASG epitomize precision craftsmanship and outstanding performance. With each shot, they deliver maximum accuracy and consistency thanks to rigorous quality control.

Shoot with confidence, shoot BBs you can rely on!

ASG - Accuracy, Stability, Guaranteed Precision

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ASG BBs are a new player in the market of high-quality 6mm ammunition. This Danish company, renowned for producing CZ Scorpion EVO, CZ BREN weapons, and excellent GBB pistols from the CZ family, offers quality BBs for all types of airsoft (6mm) guns, whether it's airsoft pistols, rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, or sniper rifles powered by AEG, GAS, HPA, or manual operation.

All BBs produced by ASG undergo the strictest quality control, focusing not only on dimensional quality but also on the surface quality, polishing, and BB slickness to achieve maximum and consistent flight trajectory.
ASG ensures that each BB on its journey to the target delivers the best performance! All BBs in the Blaster series feature a special surface treatment for maximum slickness. ASG also provides the true measured diameter of 5.96-5.98mm because BBs are measured across their entire surface, not just in a few places.

ASG has established itself in the ammunition market with its quality BLASTER BBs. To meet the demand for specific ammunition characteristics for different types of guns, they decided to create several product lines:

  1. Blaster and Open Blaster (BIO)
    The most widespread product range, offering an excellent balance between price and quality. The Open version indicates BIO PLA biodegradable BBs.

  2. Blaster Devil and Cursed
    Devilishly precise ammo tuned for a consistent flight trajectory and maximum performance with a slightly higher price than the Blaster series. The Cursed variant is packaged in a bag, while Devil comes in a practical portable bottle.

  3. Blaster Tracer and Open Blaster Tracer (BIO)
    Tracer denotes glow-in-the-dark BBs. The Open Blaster Tracer version indicates BIO PLA biodegradable glow-in-the-dark BBs.

  4. Accuracy International
    Special heavy ammo for sniper rifles

  5. Q Blaster
    Quality ammo with a more affordable production, suitable for beginners and all players who aren't looking for reasons to miss the target in everything but themselves. Perfect as feed for hungry machine guns. The Q Blaster series maintains the same output quality as Blaster!

Ammo quality and cleanliness, along with the main and hop-up rubber, are crucial elements for accurate shooting. Therefore, it's essential to guard against impurities accessing the BBs (e.g., in the magazine during crawling, etc.). Simultaneously, it's necessary to clean the inner barrel from impurities that could adversely affect shooting results.


  • Product Range: Blaster Tracer (glow-in-the-dark)
  • Approximate Count per Package: 3300
  • Weight per BB: 0.20g
  • Material: Plastic (standard BBs)
  • Color: Green
  • Diameter: 5.96-5.98mm +/- 0.01mm
  • Package Type: Portable Bottle

*** Accuracy, Stability, Guaranteed Precision ***