Brighter R Tracer Unit

The Brighter R Tracer unit with IP64 protection perfectly fits all weather game! No switches, just shake and go into action.

In addition to green, this light suppressor also supports red tracer BBs.

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: AceTech

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    : AceTech


    The Brighter C Tracer Unit from Acetech in black is perfect for all-weather play with its IP64 protection! No buttons, just shake and go into action. It only supports green tracer BBs, lasts 20,000 shots, and can also be used as an insert in standard suppressors! Suitable for AEG, GBB, and HPA rifles with a 14mm CCW thread and, with an adapter, also...

    46,73 €
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This tracer unit is designed for green and red tracer BBs. At each shot, the sensors detect a flying bb and flash briefly to "light up" the bb and make the bb visible in the dark during its flight. It is visible throughout the flight path and it is a great spectacle.


  • the world's first patented design without a switch, shaking on
  • with IP64 protection, enjoy the shooting experience even on sunny or rainy days
  • works with both green lighting BBs and gel BBs, fits perfectly with all night games
  • compact and weighs only 32 grams, it is easy to carry and takes up no space
  • can also be used as an insert in a larger damper
  • the lithium battery can handle 20,000 shots on a single charge
  • allows firing speeds of up to 35 rounds per second, brighter than conventional lighting dimmers.
  • thread: 14mm counterclockwise inner + adapter: 11mm clockwise outer
  • made in Taiwan with FCC, CE and ROHS certification
  • USB-C port for fast charging


Dimensions: Length 57 mm, Diameter 28 mm
Weight: 33.2 g (without adapter)
Shooting speed: up to 35 RPS
Certificates: FCC CE ROHS
Battery: Li-Ion, charging time 2.5 hours, endurance 20,000 rounds.
BBs: green lighting BB, does not support red lighting BB.

USB-A to USB-C cable included.