CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 - Ultimate BOOST

Electric airsoft gun. Exact replica of the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 model manufactured under ASG license. Latest improved version 2020+.   

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“It has EVOlved – the classic AEG is back, but now with an extra sting in the tail”

Garnering plenty of critical acclaim and establishing a growing and committed fanbase over the years, ASG has continued to develop and refine the CZ Scorpion EVO AEG platform since its initial launch in 2014.

Now the EVO has ‘levelled-up’ once again, this time in the form of the brand-new BOOST edition –bringing to the party upgrades which ensure that straight out of the box, this AEG is ready to take-on all comers on the battlefield better than its predecessors.

What does the Boost Edition give you when compared with previous versions of the EVO?

Well, a closer look at the inside of the BOOST EVO reveals it’s blessed with several parts from our high-quality ‘ULTIMATE’ upgrade range, in the key areas that matter most.

With a Leviathan ECU onboard, the EVO Boost grants a sharper trigger-response and programmable fire modes. While the Leviathan app installed on your smartphone, allows you to further fine tune the rate of fire, enable pre-cocking, active braking and more.

Such as the CNC-engineered, high-performance ULTIMATE BOOST 30k short axle motor for higher rpm, and the ULTIMATE BOOST 16,5:1 gearset that allows super-smooth and reliable power transfer without breaking, thanks to the gearset’s higher tolerances over standard options.

While the presence of an Anti-Reversal Latch in the CNC gearbox allows pre-cocking and adds that extra peace of mind that, even though the advanced electronics of the EVO BOOST mean precise motor control, the AEG is safeguarded from potential damage when used at the higher end of performance.

Features of the EVO BOOST Edition:

  • Ultimate Boost 30k Short axle motor  
  • Ultimate Boost 16,5:1 gearset 
  • Leviathan ECU
  • Programmable fire mode
  • Anti-Reversal Latch
  • Ultimate M125 Spring
  • 8mm Bearing Spring Guide 
Color black
Muzzle velocity (m/s) 125 (m/s)
Recommended weight of ammunition 0,25g - 0,28g
Thread (mm) 18+ (mm)
Length 623 (mm)
Outer length MINIMAL (mm) 425 (mm)
Outer length MAXIMAL (mm) 623 (mm)
Inner barrel length (mm) 208 (mm)
Weight (g) 2400 (g)
Body/receiver material ABS / Plastic
Gearbox version EVO
Amount of piston teeth 1
Bearings (mm) 8 (mm)
Bearings (material) Metal
Hlava pístu Plastic
Nozzle Plastic
Spring guide Metal
Hop-Up chamber material Plastic
Connector type T-Dean
Magazine material Plastic
High-cap / Mid-cap Mid-cap
Magazine capacity 75
Processor unit YES
Blowback NO
Battery included NO
Battery Charger NO

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