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Silent Industries CNC hop-up chamber ALPHA M4/16 AEG/HPA

CNC Hop-up chamber ALPHA M4/16 AEG/HPA by Silent Industries offers a solution where others fall short.

Precision TDC pressure, tensioner ring system for hop-up bucking lips, adjustable BB feed tube length, game changer for HPA engines and barrel alignment groove in the chamber.

Alpha is both the beginning and the end, because no one has made a better chamber yet!

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CNC Hop-up chamber ALPHA M4/16 AEG/HPA by Silent Industries introduces a revolutionary innovation for your airsoft gun, representing the most advanced chamber on the market developed by a Slovak company specializing in innovative parts for airsoft guns.

How does the ALPHA chamber surpass the competition?

1. Truly Functional TDC Pressure

To achieve the most consistent pressure on the bucking through the pressure arm, it was necessary to use TDC technology. This means that the pressure can only move up and down. The package includes a TDC trolley designed for nubs, so you can use your preferred type of nub.
We recommend using Silent Industries nubs or other high nubs (e.g., Omega Nub from Maple Leaf):

The TDC system provides the longest stroke, meaning it can easily lift heavy BBs.

2. Hop-up Bucking Lip Tensioner System

The revolutionary tensioner system is easy to assemble and utilizes tensioner rings. In the package, you receive two rings - black and white (for finer adjustments, you can purchase a tight or extra tight ring). We recommend trying the ML Super Macaron or Mr.Hop hop-up bucking with a white ring for looser tension and a black ring for stronger tension.
This chamber is the only one on the market that fully supports the hop-up bucking lip.

3. Adjustable Feed Tube

The adjustable feed tube allows you to set the length of the feed tube to the magazine, so you can precisely adjust it according to your magazines. This improves BB feeding and reduces magazine movement in the magazine well.

4. Barrel Alignment Groove

The Alpha chamber includes a groove that helps you with barrel alignment. We recommend using it as a reference point because some lower-quality barrels may have misaligned hop-up windows. We recommend high-quality stainless steel barrels from brands like PDI, Lambda, or Prometheus, KM Head, T-NT, ZCI.

5. Revolution for HPA Systems

HPA systems generally develop much higher pressure on BBs compared to AEGs, which can lead to issues such as double feeding, Mid-Cap syndrome, or BB alignment problems in the chamber. The Alpha chamber with the innovative hop-up bucking lip ring can help with these issues by allowing fine adjustment of resistance during loading.
We recommend using HPA systems from Polarstar, Wolverine, or GATE Pulsar.

Package Contents:

  • Alpha Hop-up Chamber
  • Regulation ring
  • Feed tube throat
  • Pressure arm lever
  • TDC pressure trolley
  • Soft nub 70A (blue, extended)
  • Pin for securing the pressure arm
  • O-rings for Hop-Up chamber (2 pcs)
  • O-rings for inner barrel to define backlash during shooting (8 pcs)
  • C-clip for securing the barrel in the chamber
  • Inner barrel stabilizer with groove
  • 3x spacers for adjusting the length of the nozzle without disassembling the gearbox or chamber
  • 2x hop-up bucking lip rings (standard black and looser white)

Manufacturer's Tips and Recommendations:

  • Ideal nozzle length is 21.2 mm in V2 gearbox assemblies
  • The Alpha chamber is compatible with several brands including Krytac, VFC, G&G, G&P, Cyma, Specna Arms, Novritsch SSR4, Lancer Tactical, and Double Eagle.
  • For optimal performance, we recommend using BBs with a weight higher than 0.28g (R-hop 0.36+g).
  • Assemble the chamber carefully and thoroughly check all components.
  • Not compatible with ICS brand
  • Modifications are necessary for use in Novritsch SSR9

Instructions for Proper Chamber Installation

  Silent Industries AEG Alpha chamber assembly