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TDC Hop-up chamber LOKI for AAP-01/C, Green

Hadron Airsoft Designs "LOKI" TDC hop-up chamber for the AAP-01 and AAP-01C from Action Army. Simple and highly effective. This ultimate upgrade will cause mischief on the field. 

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: Hadron Airsoft Designs

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Ultimate and revolutionary upgrade kit for your AAP-01 pistol. Meticulously crafted outer body, made from CNC alloy, guarantees unparalleled precision. It has been extensively tested it with all leading hop-up buckings and paired it with high-quality un-bridged GBB barrels to ensure optimal performance.

Say goodbye to the hassle of purchasing extra drill guides because this kit conveniently contains a built-in drilling guide. Installing it into your chosen AAP upper has never been easier. As an added convenience, kit is even provided with the correct size drill bit.

To ensure stability and prevent any unwanted adjustments, Hadron have developed the "LOKI" locking plate. This metal laser cut retaining device securely holds the TDC screw in place, even during sustained use at a remarkable 35 rounds per second.

The "LOKI" nub, inspired by the renowned H-Arm V2 profile, reigns supreme when it comes to Mk23 hop plates. Using RNT (Recessed nub technology), Hadron designed the nub to be pushed from the bottom surface, providing enhanced stability and security during both heavy and light use.

The inner barrel is expertly aligned by the GBB bucking and firmly held in place with two nylon tipped grub screws. Take care not to overtighten them. Assemble the barrel and bucking into the hop unit from the rear after drilling the hole in the upper pistol body. Always remember to check for any debris from drilling before proceeding with the assembly.

Rest assured, the "LOKI" hop-up unit has undergone rigorous testing in various carbine kits, including TTI, SRU Vector, AA Mamba, and many others. To drill the TDC hole, simply follow the tutorial video and assemble the upper with the empty hop unit. For utmost accuracy, we recommend using a drill press whenever possible.

Instalation video is available on YT or here in the video section.

This Kit contents:

  • 1 x Loki outer body
  • 1 x Loki upper plate
  • 1 x Loki locking plate
  • 1 x Loki RNT Nub
  • 2 x Countersunk flat head screws
  • 2 x Nylon tipped grub screws
  • 1 x 5mm TDC grub screw
  • 1 x 6mm TDC grub screw
  • 1 x 2.5mm drill bit
  • 1 x Allen key