Pork rib with potatoes

Pork ribs with potatoes from Adventure Menu is like a nutritious reward after an airsoft duel. This tasty and filling meal will give you the energy you need for your next adventure in the field.

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After a hard day on the airsoft field, you deserve a good dose of flavour and strength. Adventure Menu's pork ribs with potatoes are just the thing for you. This dish combines juicy and crispy pork ribs with soft, perfectly cooked potatoes, creating a combination that will fill you up and restore your strength. Easy preparation and handy packaging means you can have this delicious dish ready anywhere quickly, ideal for quick recovery after intense airsoft games. Pork ribs with potatoes are not only nutritious, but most importantly delicious, so you can thoroughly enjoy every bite and recharge your energy for your next airsoft adventure.

This meal is a better alternative to the MRE.


potatoes (36%), pork chop (20%), pepper sausage (pork, salt, pepper, cumin, garlic), cucumbers pickled Znojmo (cucumbers, vinegar fermentation, salt, extract of spices, sweetener saccharin), flour rice, corn flour, onion, sunflower oil, salt, pepper.

Allergy Information: contains mustard seed (pickled cucumbers - pickle).

1 package - weight: 400 g + - 10%