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Zipper bag - Adventure Menu

Enjoy the highest possible comfort on the go. From now on, you don't have to carry the cooker, the bomb and wash the dishes. Try Self-heating from Adventure Menu. It's light, it's fast (12-20 minutes), it's revolutionary.

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Self-heating, or a flameless chemical heater, is a special bag that heats your food without using a stove or dishes in 12 minutes. It works on the principle of an exothermic reaction between calcium oxide and water. Our self-heating system consists of self-heating capsules and a zipper-bag in which the entire heating takes place.
In the meantime, you can pitch a tent, light a fire, practice yoga... simply spend your time doing more important things than cooking.

About the product

The zipper-bag serves as a so-called oven in which the heating itself takes place. The advantage is that the zipper bag can be used repeatedly.

You will also need Self-Heating Capsules for heating, you can choose from 2 sizes:

  • 60g self-heating capsule for heating 2 meals at once
  • 30g self-heating capsule for heating 1 meal

How to heat the Adventure Menu using self-heating

Watch short video tutorials on how to heat sterilized and vacuum-dried foods using self-heating.